Exclusive Blue Floral Block Printed Tote Bag



A casual everyday tote with flair! This tote is printed by hand using the oldest form of printing, block printing. Block printing was traditionally applied via art work (like on your walls), so consider your new tote an art form! 

  • Dimensions: 15'L, x 12.5'H, x 4'W, handle 27'
  • Leather handles: navy


    About The Brand

    At the heart of JOYN is our commitment to hand making our products. We celebrate and value the skilled work of our artisans and believe that slowing down the manufacturing process creates true connection to the things we own. When you know who made your products, how they were made and what it means to the maker to see them in your hands, that product becomes not just a bag, but something to treasure forever. 

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    Supply Chain

    JOYN is one of the few fashion brands that does its manufacturing in house. We believe this gives true transparency on how products are made and ensures we can commit to fair living wages, a safe and happy working environment and profit sharing with our teams. It means we know our artisans personally, and we get to create magic together.

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    Customer reviews
    Customer reviews
    I love my Everyday Tote! It is the perfect bag, it fits a ton without being bulky and the camel color is beautiful! One of my favorite bags!
    — Ang B.