Style elevated, FairTrade celebrated

The Kila Siku Label empowers artisans to break free from poverty cycles. Many artisans are unfairly classified as unskilled labor, facing exploitation due to a lack of job security, low wages, and unsafe working conditions.

We're committed to changing this narrative. Our approach focuses on finding production partners who provide fair pay, comprehensive benefits, including medical insurance and pension funds, and interest-free loans to help artisans overcome debt.

Our partners prioritize creating a safe working environment by offering daycare facilities and nutritious meals. They have lifted all their artisans above the poverty line, with many breaking free from debt.

At Kila Siku, we believe in leveraging business for collective development, benefiting our partners, customers, and, most importantly, the artisans. Join us in making a difference through every purchase.

Kila Siku Label meticulously selects production partners committed to ethical practices and sustainability, all while maintaining top-notch quality and style. Our leather is sourced from high-quality remnant markets, minimizing waste and environmental impact through upcycling. Partnering with FairTrade members ensures that each purchase supports fair labor practices. With Kila Siku goods, you can embrace fashion guilt-free, knowing you're making a socially responsible choice.