Priya Set of 2 Beaded Stretch Bracelets

By Akola


Handcrafted in Uganda using horn beads, crystal, and hematite. Wear them together or give one away! 

  • 1 Luxury crystal encrusted center piece
  • Ankole Horn beads
  • Hematite semi-precious gemstones
  • 7.25' Stretch 2.5' Diameter
  • SKU: 21SB12-CM
  • This product is drop shipped from the brand. See terms & conditions.

About The Brand

Akola means “she works” in a local Ugandan dialect. We provide life-changing job opportunities by employing women in Uganda to make each Akola piece.

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When a woman is employed by Akola, she is more likely to keep her kids in school, gain the skills to generate additional income, and operate as a leader in her community.

100% - of Akola women have a bank account

63% - of Akola women own land or a home

42% - of Akola women have an entrepreneurial business

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Beautiful Craftsmanship. These earrings are absolutely beautiful. Wore them to a party and received compliments all evening.
— Terri H.